A STEM focused learning opportunity that will provide you with high-quality technical Information Technology training and support so you can then in turn help support and sustain your teachers with their technology needs. You will learn to troubleshoot and support your teachers’ websites, workstations, printers, audio equipment, projectors, handheld devices, interactive white boards and networking issues. You will learn networking skills including installation and wiring. You will be working towards achieving your industry certifications in technology related areas. You will also have opportunities to provide hands-on training to teachers on Google docs/tools, video editing, Microsoft Office products, and other educational applications. Support of Chromebooks and other types of technology equipment in school computer labs will be your focus as well. You will work closely with the school computer repair technician as he/she determines things you can help with. A professional “trouble-ticket” system will be implemented to track your help requests. Usually this course’s hands-on assignments “trouble tickets” will need to be completed before/after school or during lunch time..

Why should I take CIT classes?